Wednesday, March 14, 2007

First post

After a while of reading the various train fora, I have decided that there is some content that just belongs in a blog.

There is a lot of intelligent discussion on these forums, from simple how to things, like paving a road, to discussions about upcoming products (and the pondering of just WHAT Kato is thinking these days), to discussions about why we are into trains. However, there is also a lot of plain bullshit on these forums as well. Posts about "how do I make my engines run in reverse", "why aren't my handrails installed for me?" etc dilute the high value content in these forums, and help obscure the real jems that they provide.

I intend to discuss these issues that come up on the forums, cutting through the minor and day to day issues, and focus on big things about the hobby. The health of the industry, why we model, big product discussions, responses to published articles, things like this (and maybe some discussion about my layout and website), these are the types of things I want to cover.

I hope that my readers find what I have to say interesting, and add to the discussion by posting replies in the comments below.


Drew said...

Psht, i prefer the LJ style of nested comment threads. Much easier to keep track of who is replying to what.

David Lyman said...

I agree with Ed. Blogs are ideal for certain type of content. I look forward to your posts.