Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Alan Curtis's models live on!

Discovered on the Atlas forum (forum TOPIC_ID=36268), it looks like Alan Curtis's awesome (even though I've never bought one, being much more of a cheapskate RTR guy than I'll ever admit) cast metal kits will continue to be available.

This is great news, since it had seemed that there was a chance that these great models would no longer be available. Also good news is that the new owner, Peter Harris, knows that the forums exist. If this is a good or bad thing remains to be seen, but good luck to Peter and anyone else at "N Scale Kits" (, the new company producing the models, you're sailing into scary waters.

Alan Curtis's departure from the scene was one of the things that initially got me thinking about the state of the industry. Cottage manufactures (like ACM) have come and gone for a long time, but I had really hoped he had more staying power, since I know he had a number of interesting things in the works. The additional good news is that these new things that he was working on are still going to be done by NSK, which bodes VERY well for North Country Modelers.

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